What People Are Saying About Camp

Camp’s Work Always Wins

“The word that comes to my mind when I think about the work of Camp Kirkland is ‘fitting.’ His arrangements are always right and they always fit, no matter the style. Accessible yet interesting, his charts win when played and sung by a local church orchestra and choir. Such understanding only comes from being in and around church music for his whole career. Nobody knows the possibilities more than Camp.”

Mike Harland
LifeWay Worship

Creative, Well-Written, and Accessible

“Camp Kirkland’s musical arrangements and orchestrations can best be described as creative, well written, and accessible to choirs and orchestras in any setting. His love for providing great resources for the church is only surpassed by his heart for Christ and his desire to share the gospel through his music. When I am looking for music for a service or event, I always love to include Camp’s music because it always sounds amazing!”

Richard Kingsmore
Freelance Arranger/Composer

The Standard For Church Orchestra

“Camp is the standard of writing for church orchestra. If his name is on a piece, you know your group will be able to play it and it will sound good. As a director and rehearser, I appreciate his attention to detail and his thorough knowledge of what each instrument can do and what the players need to see to make that happen.”

Jeff Cranfill
Orchestra Director
First Baptist Church of Atlanta, Georgia

Camp Hits The Sweet Spot For Worship

“Camp’s arranging hits the ‘sweet spot’ for our worship team – he has the unrivaled ability to produce material that is both accessible and powerful, always resulting in the most compelling moments for our congregation.  From praise to patriotic, he’s the best of the best!”

John Jones
Minister of Music
First Baptist Church of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida